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Swarovski Flat Back Crystals Rhinestones Non Hotfix Round (2000, 2058 & 2088) Fuchsia Shimmer

$7.00 USD

Swarovski rhinestones non hotfix round (2000, 2058 & 2088) in Fuchsia Shimmer are flat back crystals that can easily be applied to most surfaces with glue. Fuchsia is a vivid and vibrant shade of pinkish-purple and is named after the fuchsia plant, which has magenta flowers. Fuchsia is often described as a deep, intense pink colour with blue undertones. It is a bright, bold and striking colour that can be both playful and sophisticated. Fuchsia is a popular colour in fashion, particularly for women's clothing. Overall, Fuchsia it is a bold and eye-catching colour that can add energy and excitement to any context. Shimmer is a softened version of the Aurora Borealis (AB) effect, giving a more subtle sparkling effect.

Swarovski flat back crystals are available in three types of cut: 2000 Rose Cut with 8 facets (SS3 and SS4); 2058 Xilion Rose Cut with 14 facets that optimises the light reflection of smaller sized crystals (SS5 to SS10); and 2088 Xirius Rose Cut with 16 facets and a unique star cut design which provides the ultimate brilliance (SS12 to SS48).

Swarovski Flatback Crystals Non Hotfix Rhinestones