Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Crystal Pixie. Nail art fans can now create even more sparkling, on-trend nail effects. Simple to use, Swarovski® CrystalPixie™ Petite is perfect for creating myriad DIY looks at home, as well as for application by in-salon professionals. 

Swarovski® Crystal Pixie ™ Petite Cute Mood features thousands of tiny crystals that make up each shot create a dazzling virtual reality impression—an effect seen on this season’s runways. The mood is bold, stimulating, and hyper-sensory, summed up in the keyword “phygital”—a combination of “physical” and “digital”—to express a heightened trans-natural state.

Available in two sizes; 5g Bottle which includes a funnel to replace the lose crystals.

The Lose Crystals come in size PP3, which is 1mm - 1.1mm in diameter. 

Swarovski® Crystal Pixie ™ Petite 10g Jar Includes:

  • 5g CrystalPixie™ Petite 
  • Leaflet

Nail Art Swarovski® Crystal Pixie™ ***EDGE ****Cute Mood 5G Jar




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