Choose from our extensive range of Swarovski® Flatback Crystals in packs of mixed colours & sizes. This mix of Swarovski® Crystal Flat Backs with a Hollywood theme is perfect for nail art and embellishment projects.

Each pack contains 270 Swarovski Flatback Crystals as follows:

  • Swarovski Flatback Shape Star 5mm (article number #2816)
  • Swarovski Flatback Shape Bow Tie 6mm (article number #2858)
  • Swarovski Flatback Shape Elongated Hexagon 6mm (article number #2776)
  • Swarovski Flatback Crystals Colours: Crystal AB, Crystal Golden Shadow, Aurum & Jet
  • FREE storage pot

Please note that alternative shapes and sizes may be used if certain stock is unavailable.

Important Note: Aurum colour shows weakness regarding abrasion, meaning that the surface coating can wear off quickly and the crystals will turn black. Swarovski does not recommend using this colour where abrasion can be high i.e. on Nails. If you decide to purchase for this type of application, please ensure your customers take extra care to preserve the crystal coating.

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